Countdown to Grand Prix Charlotte!

Welcome to Grand Prix Charlotte!

In recent years, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina has played host to two of the largest Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix of all time.

And on May 20th-22nd, thousands of Magic: The Gathering fans will once again descend on the Queen City when, for the first time ever, and Channel Fireball join forces to proudly present:

To learn more about Grand Prix Los Angeles, click here. In the meantime, here's some of what Magic: The Gathering fans can look forward to at Grand Prix Charlotte! Grand Prix always feature a robust roster of special guests, and we’re excited to announce that Charlotte’s includes cosplayer Christine Sprankle – along with the incredibly talented Magic: The Gathering artists Jason A. Engle, Bryon Wackwitz, Anthony Palumbo, Winona Nelson, Richard Kane Ferguson, rk post, Christopher Moeller, Eric Deschamps, Jason Felix, and Guest of Honor Rob Alexander!

Grand Prix Charlotte attendees will also have a chance to buy, sell and trade with sixteen of the world's premier Magic: The Gathering vendors, and have access to an expanded side event schedule that now includes TWO Super Invitational Qualifiers; each of which will award loads of Prize Wall tickets and TWO invites to an upcoming Invitational (where you can now qualify for the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour)!

Grand Prix always offer fans a chance to get their hands on some awesome swag, and for those joining us at Grand Prix Charlotte, this includes the exclusive Jace playmat seen below, a Stoneforge Mystic foil promotional card - plus limited quantities of sleeves, deck boxes, pins and playmats featuring someone who had so much fun at last year's Grand Prix Charlotte that she's decided to join us again!

As you can see, Jace is currently poring over the pages of Tamiyo's journal, trying to figure out what’s happening to Innistrad and Avacyn. But he already knows what’s happening in Charlotte on the weekend of May 20th-22nd—one half of Magic: The Gathering’s Modern Weekend!

Come be part of the fun—register for Grand Prix Charlotte today!

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling

Premier Tournament Organizer, Grand Prix Charlotte