Welcome to GP Charlotte!

Just a few short years ago, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina entered the record books by hosting the largest Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix of all time. That record has since been broken multiple times, but on June 12th-14th, the Queen City will get another shot at the title when StarCityGames.com proudly presents Grand Prix Charlotte! This Modern-format Grand Prix will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center…and it’s going to be huge!

No Grand Prix is complete without artists, and I’m excited to announce that the incredibly talented Clint Cearley, rk post, Mark Poole, Eric Deschamps and Noah Bradley have all agreed to join us!

But it doesn’t stop there.

StarCityGames.com-run Grand Prix always feature a special Guest of Honor, and Grand Prix Charlotte is no exception. Please join us in welcoming our Grand Prix Charlotte Guest of Honor… all the way from Germany… Volkan Baga!

Normally, this is the part where I’d move on to announcing some of the many other reasons why Grand Prix Charlotte is going to be so big, but I didn’t say it was going to be big; I said it was going to be HUGE! And since this is our second Grand Prix in Charlotte, and the event will be celebrating the release of second Modern Masters set, we thought it’d only be appropriate to commemorate the occasion by inviting a SECOND Guest of Honor!

And we were beyond thrilled when Terese Nielsen accepted our invitation!

Clint Cearley, rk post, Mark Poole, Eric Deschamps, Noah Bradley, Volkan Baga and Terese Nielsen.

Come meet them all… live and in person… at June 12th-14th’s Grand Prix Charlotte!

But a Grand Prix is not just about special guests; it’s also about special attractions, and Grand Prix Charlotte definitely has some sweet ones!  

  • A Meet and Greet with SCGLive commentators Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan
  • The return of the massive SCG Prize Wall
  • A Meet and Greet with “The Dragonmaster” Brian Kibler
  • The debut of the SCG Infinite Challenge Badge
  • More than a dozen of the world’s biggest and best Magic: The Gathering vendors
  • An exclusive Next Level Magic/Next Level Deckbuilding book signing with “The Innovator” Patrick Chapin
  • Tons of side events featuring the recently released Modern Masters II
  • A special appearance by cosplayer extraordinaire Christine Sprankle
  • Live coverage courtesy of Cedric Phillips, Patrick Sullivan and the rest of the SCGLive crew!

Of course, a Grand Prix wouldn’t be a Grand Prix without the chance to acquire some sweet swag, and at Grand Prix Charlotte, attendees will have a number of opportunities to get their hands on sleeves, deck boxes, collectable pins and playmats all featuring…

Well, our friends at WOTC won’t let me announce that until May 1st… so I’ll just say that it’s a fan-favorite returning in Modern Masters II, and leave it at that for now! ;)

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Grand Prix Charlotte!

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling

President, StarCityGames.com
Premier Tournament Organizer, Grand Prix Charlotte